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Main Plaza Conservancy, a nonprofit 501c3 organization, is currently funded in part by the City of San Antonio on a declining allocation over the next four years for management and maintenance.  Therefore, Main Plaza's daily activities and entertainment are funded through gifts, donations, sponsorships and event fees. 

A part of this revenue comes from fees charged to those who wish to use the plaza for their own profitable, promotional or exclusive use. 

All event and site fees are used to provide quality entertainment and activities free of charge to the public.

If you are interested in supporting the efforts of Main Plaza Conservancy, please contact the office at (210) 225-9800.  Your support dollars will provide benefit to all who visit Main Plaza.

If you are interested in holding an event or performing on Main Plaza please feel free to contact Ashley Quinn at 210-225-9800.

To hold and event in Main Plaza, MPC asks that you fill out the information requested below and EMAIL information to events@mainplaza.org. Please make sure that you are allowing adequate time for consideration, review and determination.  For large scale events, please submit a proposal at least four to six months in advance of the date selected. Small scale events can be planned in a shorter timeframe. Proposals submitted will be reviewed within a one week period.  You will be contacted by email or phone to discuss your event and schedule a meeting.

All film, video and photo shoots on Main Plaza require a permit issued through. Main Plaza Conservancy.  Call our office for more information.


This is a:  PERFORMANCE         FESTIVAL           RALLY               OTHER: 

Today’s Date: _____________   Event Title:___________________________________________________
Group: ___________________________________ Non-Profit?  No    Yes   # ______

Address: ________________________________________________________________________________

Website: ________________________________________________________________________________

Contact Name: __________________________________________________________________________ 

TXDL# or other ID# *______________________________________________________________________

Phone#: _________________________________________________________________________________


*Please be aware that we will need to make a copy of your TX Drivers License or other approved

identification if you are not a nonprofit organization or do not have a business license upon contract signing. 

DESCRIPTION OF EVENT   Please describe event in space provided below:

Number of people expected_________________________________________            


CHOICE #   1) _________________  2) __________________  3) ________________ 

START TIME _________________________  END TIME ______________________

Total hours needed ______________

Will you be selling food/beverages/crafts and/or renting out booth space to vendors?



Entire Plaza      Portal (by Riverwalk)       Upper Plaza    East Promenade           West Promenade




STAGE ______ SOUND EQUIPMENT ______CHAIRS ______ TABLES ______

BOOTHS _______ OTHER _______

ART AND ENTERTAINMENT Main Plaza Conservancy focuses events that incorporate the arts and culture.  How does your event incorporate the arts?  Please be specific.


COMMUNITY How does your event incorporate/benefit the community?  Please be specific.



Have you produced events before?   YES    NO       This event?   YES     NO

Number of past events _________

If yes, briefly describe your event production history; if no, please list relevant experience:



Please provide three professional references: (If you have produced events

before, please provide references for your production history):


Name                                                  Contact Info                                        Relationship                








 Main Plaza Conservancy is a nonprofit organization dedicated to

providing San Antonio with the cultural and historical heart of the city. 

Upon approval of this proposal, ANY publicity must be approved by MPC.


Main Plaza Terrace

Located just off Commerce Street directly in front of the Municipal Plaza Building where the City Council Chambers is housed.  Beautiful granite stairs flow onto the plaza's west promenade.  The open corridor of the West Promenade allows for pedestrian traffic to flow onto the plaza with easy access.  

Market Plaza

Directly across from the Bexar County Courthouse and nestled on the south side of Main Plaza, this area provides a shady, out-of-the-way area for meetings, small social gathering or band positioning.

Cathedral Plaza

Encompassing the West Promenade from Market Street along the City Centre Cafe and historic San Fernando Cathedral.  This open, flowing, prominent area on Main Plaza is a draw to all.

Fountain Plaza

This serene area is positioned in the "heart" of Main Plaza where the largest of the five fountains is featured.  Whether the fountains are on or off, this area takes center stage and commands attention.

Riverview Plaza

Overlooking the East Promenade, Portal San Fernando and Blue Star Ice House and Food, this location gets the west exposure on the plaza.  Breathtaking views across the plaza reveal the towering San Fernando Cathedral high in the sky.  Providing for a natural stage, this area is prominent on Main Plaza for the lunch-time music series, Blue Mondays and High Noon.

Portal San Fernando Plaza

Adjacent to Blue Star Ice House and Food, the upper terrace overlooks the famed San Antonio River and the River Walk extension.  Visitors disembark from the river barge into a lush garden of greenery...   all "native Texas".  With the "patio in the round" several steps up from the river, this area is the coolest place to be on a hot summer day. 

The #1 choice to hold a wedding on Main Plaza, Portal San Fernando Plaza is sure to be a hit.

Elizondo Plaza

This passage way leading from the City Hall to Main Plaza is where many Press Conferences take place each year.  San Fernando Cathedral to the south and Municipal Plaza/Council Chambers to the north, this passaage provides easy accessibiility and is a "choice" setting for business meetings, press conferences and small conferences.